We are proud to be celebrating our 5th business year. From 2013 – 2018 Maruti Lifts has remained a resolutely independent family business. By remaining true to our family values and taking care of our people and our customers we have been quietly successful, expanding to have operating companies across the state of Odisha. We are a single organisation with many specialities: Passenger and Platform lifts, Goods and Service lifts, Stair lifts, Home lifts, Escalators, Moving walkways, Bespoke and Custom-made lifts and related lift services. Our state wide network of service branches delivers local lift services, for all types of lift products from all manufacturers.

We are reassuringly practical: our engineering heritage means we meticulously craft and develop all our products to make them the very best in the market. We work carefully too, by considering our customers’ circumstances, recommending the right products and installing everything with a minimum of fuss. And of course, we’re members of all the trade bodies and meet all codes of conduct and product safety requirements in full.

We are resolutely independent: we’ve always had our own way of doing things. We don’t chase profits at all costs and we don’t skimp on what’s important to our customers. Instead, we do what we believe is right. We put our customers at the heart of our business. We listen to what they need. And we do whatever we can to go about our business honestly and responsibly.

We are life-enhancing: we make life easier for people – for access, moving around and greater independence. We understand their issues and will lobby on their behalf and for things we believe in such as healthy lifestyles. We’re in the business of making life more fulfilling. Our tag line “Moving Easy” reflects this.