We undertake the modernization of completed or uncompleted lifts. The modernization of lift has the following advantages:
- The time of the lift downtime during the modernization period is reduced; 
- Financial and material expenses are reduced; 
- The reliable, safe and long operation is provided, which is the determining factor as compared with replacement of separate units and parts; 
- The lift design and comfort both for lift passengers and for the people living in the residential building (noise and vibration are reduced) are improved.

There are hundreds of lifts with expired service life and which are subject to replacement. Full replacement of lifts involves big financial and material expenses, as well as long downtime of lifts during modernization, which causes great inconvenience for dwellers.

To reduce the above-mentioned disadvantages Maruti offers the delivery of a unit of equipment for modernization on the base of the lift LP-0463B (LP-0401B).
The modernization unit complies with requirements of Safety Regulations and is made without additional work of the constructional part of a building during modernization of lifts.

After Sales

Maruti Lifts has its own service division, made up of fully qualified lift maintenance engineers and in-house support staff, keeping all our platform lift installations in efficient working order.

With our Head Office in Bhubaneswar and satellite offices in Berhampur, Rourkela, Sambalpur we have close links to the major motorways enabling speedy response to breakdowns. 

Our Engineers are equipped to deal with all types of lifts breakdown and maintenance, supported by our in-house representatives who in turn can update our clients of any site visits, and deal with any queries and issues, maintaining the highest customer service levels we have built our business on.

All of our lift installations come with a standard 12 month maintenance service contract which commences from the date of commissioning. Interim support agreements are provided where required to cover any time between installation and commissioning.

The most crucial responsibility when it comes to the smooth running of just about any lift maintenance system is guaranteeing safety from the risks associated with improper lift maintenance, or the lack of it. Therefore we work closely with its customers keeping them informed of any changes in the lift operating conditions, which may affect the risk assessment and to ensure maintenance standards and documentation complies with the current Regulations.

Spare Parts

Maruti Lifts can supply a wide range of lift spares from leading manufacturers. We pride ourselves on great customer service and will endeavour to obtain the parts, if not in our stock, the 7th day. Our trained engineering staff will be able to assist you with the right part for the right lift, call us on 8895131010.